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Star City Half Marathon & 10K

Star City Striders - Frequently Asked Questions
About Us:

Where are you located?
The club meets at various locations around Roanoke, check out the "Calendar" or "Group Runs" links to see when and where different
groups meet up to run.

What will I get for my membership?
When you become a member, you will have a support network of like minded runners for motivation, running/race advice and opportunities to
volunteer and help cheer on and support other runners at local races. You also get discounted entry into any Striders sponsored race.

Is this group for fast runners only?
No. Runners of all levels are welcome

Are there Coaches available?
Generally speaking, we are a like-minded group but some have coaching certification or experience. Any of us will give advise and share knowledge.

Are there formal track or speed workouts?
Right now, no but if there is interest, then by all means, yes.

I have a group of people I run with. Can this be a Striders group run?
Certainly. Give us the details and we'll post it as a striders run or an affiliate group run. You have to be okay with having your contact information published.

Do you guys run trails too?
Well sure! Trails in the Roanoke area are beautiful and easy to access.


Can anyone join the club?
Everyone is welcome!

Where does the club meet during bad weather?
Rain or shine – we’ll be there! However, your safety comes first and if it’s ill advised, we’ll cancel the run. As always, use your discretion.

How can I contact someone from Star City Striders for more info?
Please reach us at striders@starcitystriders.com or check out the "Contact Us" link, fill out the form and submit. Someone will respond to your
questions in a timely manner.