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Star City Half Marathon & 10K


All routes start at the Ramada Inn Parking lot adjacent to the greenway unless otherwise stated.
~ Grandin Loop (aprox 5 miles)
Head upriver on the greenway, through Smith and Wasena Parks. Loop Wasena Park, making a right on Main St, just before the Bridge. Take a quick left on Winona and another left on Main Street and onto the bridge. Take a left on Ferdinand and veer left at the Y onto Riverside Blvd. Follow that to Cleveland and turn right on Cleveland, followed by a left on 13th St. This will become Memorial Ave. Follow Memorial Ave across the river and into Grandin Willage. Turn left on Grandin Rd. Stay on Grandin to the traffic signal and turn left on Brandon Ave. Remain on Brandon to the crazy multi-directional traffic signal. Making a roughly 90 degree turn, go left on Main Street. Follow Main back to Winona with a left on Winona and a quick right on the little Main St. Go under the bridge and head back to the greenway and the Ramada Inn.

~ Target Run (aprox 11 miles)
Leaving from the Ramada, head downriver on the greenway. When the greenway veers left away from the sidewalk, follow it. Turn right on Piedmont St and right on HamiltonTerrace followed by a left on Walnut. Turn left on Jefferson and again left on Williamson. Stay on Williamson through downtown Roanoke. Turn left on Wells Ave and look to the right for the greenway markings adjacent to Commonwealth Ave. Enter the greenway and follow it. It will cross Gainsboro and then Orange Ave. Stay on the greenway as it crosses 10th St. Remain on the paved path. When it intersects with Syracuse Ave, head left and look to your right for the greenway entrance. Follow the greenway again until you crest the hill and cross the bridge at Valley View Blvd. Target has water fountains and restrooms. Continue on Valley View Blvd as long as you want or if Walmart water fountains are your goal. To add a little extra, loop Valley View Mall but exercise caution as sidewalks are intermittent. Return the way you came, in reverse.

~ Mill Mtn (aprox. 6 miles)
Leaving from the Ramada Inn, head downriver on the greenway. Stay on the greenway to Piedmont St. Take a right on Piedmont and a left on Hamilton Terrace. Turn right on Walnut and take a deep breath. You're about to start climbing. Option 1: stay on Walnut as it becomes Fishburn Parkway. When you crest Mill Mtn, turn right up the driveway to the Discovery Center/ Star. Option 2: take your last right out of Roanoke onto Sylvan Rd. Staying on the paved road, Sylvan will become Prospect Rd. Just follow the path, past the Discovery Center and up to the Star. Return either way or on trails.

~ PH, Murray Run, Fishburn Park
~ Star City 10k
~ Star City 1/2 marathon

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