Race Director Chris Miller

Race Director Chris Miller kept an eye on the thousand details involved in the half marathon.

The start!

Many top finishers of the 5K were out in front from the word "go".  The 5K winner (431, George P.) was already in first place.  Other top 10 5K finishers identifiable here are 448 (Brent C., 4th place), 460 (Robert B., 5th place) and 502 (Jeff H., 7th place).  Fewer half marathoners started this fast, but 415 (Darryl S., 10th place in the half marathon) was right up front too.  Others in this photo include 170 (Will S., 18th in 5K), 492 (Allen C., 23rd in 5K), 498 (Philip D., 13th in 5K), 465 (Barry S., 27th in 5K), 429 (Brian D., 19th in 5K), 193 (Clay B., 26th in 5K), and 427 (Brad C., a half marathoner).

Two top finishers

Brian F. (94, 5th place overall in half marathon) and Steve C. (3rd place overall in half marathon) enjoyed the after race festivities.

An age group winner.

Tom J. and Pat L. celebrate Tom's first place finish in his half marathon age group.

Strider Dave O. enjoyed his opportunity to compete in the half marathon, having worked the finish line each of the past few years.