5K for Healthy Play Run
Roanoke, VA   May 8, 1999
Photos by Bill Richardson

Opening mile race leaders

Opening mile "following pack"

Jeff Osborne

Don Lacy, in opening mile

Theresa (159), Donald (68), and Rebecca (109)

Grainne and Christopher

Jill (30), Jodi (50), Mary Frances (101) and Amy (165)

Craig is running well!

Walkers had a lot of fun, too!
Hanna (31), Jennie (142), Gloria (135), Natalie (134), Sonya (11), and Ann (12)

Jeff Stone at the 2.5 mile mark.

Don Lucy (93) rounds the turn.

Holly and Phil at 2.5 miles

Emily seems in good spirits!

Go Maurice!

Donavon Young, Terrell Holbrook, and Mike Webb relax after the race.