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April & May News

From The Webmaster:

Greetings Striders,

 I hope everyone has had a good start to your Spring and running season. The new website has gotten a lot of attention. We have a usage report that gives all kinds of statistical mumbo jumbo about how many hits we have and it is quite interesting. When I figure out what it all means I will share it with everyone. But maybe you don't care about how many people that look at our site use Windows 98 or 95 or how many use Internet Explorer or Netscape.... there is all kinds of information available that is fairly meaningless to me.
 Some of the folks that have not seen me for the last six months have been fairly shocked at the change in me. I have lost 45 lbs. my goal is to lose 50 lbs. and yes I am OK as far as I know. I was trying to get back into running condition and what I have been doing seems to work. A lot of people have asked, "What in the world are you doing?" I have made changes in a lot of areas so as usual there is no easier softer way. Here are some of the things I am doing:
  I have increased my mileage slowly up to 25 to 40 miles a week, I do strength training 3 days a week, I have changed my eating habits so that I ask myself "Are you full?" The answer is usually" Yes!" So I quit. We now have leftovers in the fridge. I am not a vegetarian, I still eat meat but not as big a portion as I did before. I have found that I really cannot eat as much as I once did. I guess your tummy shrinks or something like that. This is not a commercial for Slim Fast but that is something else I do. I love the stuff, one can and a banana for breakfast then a can and a banana with a little peanut butter for lunch and I am good to go till supper. I use the Jiff 25% less fat and it helps you feel full and cures the fat craving. 
  The weight loss has helped my running tremendously but the strength training I give the most credit to. In 1987 I ran a course PR at the Virginia Western Race of 22:49 I broke that this year, 15 years later with a 22:45.  Many of you know I use a Bow Flex and I like having a versatile machine at home. I have also had some help and guidance from a certified strength training specialist. Darci Munson has been guiding me for the last few months and her help has given me the confidence that I am using the proper techniques and resistance for the results I am seeking. I want her to give you a little insight into what we have been doing, so I have asked her to write an article. It should appear here soon.

Newsletter Update:

  David Harrison has agreed to help us out with getting our newsletter going again. We will publish it on a bimonthly basis till we get going. We will mail to those that do not have computer access and it will be available on the website to print off in PDF format. We have been toying with the idea of a password only page to get the newsletter off line. This may or may not happen. The only way though to get the email updates that I send with the most important stuff though is to be a paid member and be on the email list.
  David was a long time member of the Tidewater Striders one of the biggest clubs in the country. He took care of the newsletter there among other things and was a rep to the RRCA. So you folks that have complained about not having a newsletter you have hope on the horizon.

 Club Progress  Update:

 We have accomplished a lot in the last few months with the new logo on the trailer, our new web site and our new brochures should be ready soon. The old ones were quite dated and the new ones sport our new look and logo. We have purchased a new laptop to back up our old one for race results and we will also use it to back up the website. Our officers and board have been busy making decisions and planning for the future. I see the club stronger now than it has ever been thanks to many people pitching in to do their part.

From Amy Rockhill:

In the last month I've run several interesting races that may make for fun group road trips in the future.

The "Carter's Grove Challenge" is an eight mile race in Williamsburg. Runners are bused from Colonial Williamsburg to Carter's Grove Plantation, and started with a black powder musket on the circular drive in front of the mansion. The course runs on a paved, one lane road through woods and marshes (wooden bridges) and ends back in Colonial Williamsburg near the Williamsburg Inn. The course is hilly, but beautiful - no houses, buildings or cars to be seen.

The "Monument Avenue 10K" in Richmond would also be worth the trip. It's a much bigger race than the one in Williamsburg (6000 vs 250), but is also scenic, passing by monuments to General's Lee, Jackson, Stuart as well as Arthur Ashe. I believe that about eighteen people from Roanoke ran this year, but I only knew of four in addition to me: Susie Boxley, Pam Clark, Grace Overstreet and Mary MacMichael. Susie ran a PR of 45:52 and was fourth in her age group. The rest of us finished the race!

Lastly, the Kentucky Derby Festival Half-marathon is basically the kick-off to a week of partying before the Kentucky Derby. The half-marathon has been run for many years, but this year a full marathon was also offered. It's a point to point race, beginning in the suburbs, looping through a hilly park, then flattens out and goes by Churchill Downs and finishes in downtown Louisville. I ran a PR this year, breaking 8:30/mile and was 21st out of 334 in my age group.

See you on the road.

Amy Rockhill



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