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 I have been trying to get some of our officers as our featured member. But commitments and other things have kept them from  being able to get me what I need to have them here. I will keep trying to get them to cooperate but till then I will have to do.

Barry Brewer

Well I guess most of you at least know my name if not my face. So I will have a few pictures after a little bio. I have been in Roanoke nearly all my life. I graduated from Cave Spring High School in 1967 where my major sport was football. I ran track one year but that cut into my social life to much so I decided to give it up. After high school I spent 3 years in the Army as a crew man on a supply type aircraft. I spent a year in Viet-Nam and the rest of my tour in Europe.
Quite a good education for a 19 year old. I spent a couple of years studying Commercial Art in college.Then I went to work in the family business selling Promotional Advertising and Signage. That was in 1973 and I am still doing that now.  I have been married to my wife BJ for 20 years and we have one son by the name of Oreo. By the way Oreo is a poodle he thinks he is human though. Sometimes he seems like it too! I started running seriously in 1984 after the normal, 
( WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY BODY!) realization. I lost a lot of weight and started to feel great. Then a friend talked me into running Virginia Western and the rest is history. I have run a lot of races of all different distances. I like the 10K to Marathon distance with the 10 mile and Half Marathon as my favorite. My running career has had many peaks and valleys but other than the knee surgery I had a couple of years ago I have been injury free. I am a mid pack runner with times now in the 8:00 to 10:00 minute mile pace depending on the distance. I don't have any particularly favorite race but I enjoy The Charleston 15 miler and The Varmint Half Marathon was the most scenic I have seen. I train in Salem a lot because my office is there. I usually run with the Group on Wednesday evening from Wiley Dr. I enjoy running at Carvins Cove for the nature type trail run and I want to explore the New River trail more also. I have come to believe in the value of strength training, Mill Mountain running, Poly Pro, Cool Max, Wind Shirts, and ladies Lycra running tights. There are a lot of places I used to run that I won't anymore because of the traffic. I avoid man hole covers, Gore Tex, nylon shorts when it is cold and windy and I try not to run races that give prize money. Well maybe this is more than you want or need to know about me but that is the way it is. The one thing I do say when people ask, "Why do you run?" I tell them it is good exercise for my mind, my body and my soul. What else do you need!

Go Hokies!

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