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The Monday/Wednesday night group gathers!
A number of informal running groups exist in the Roanoke Valley.  Several which are organized by Star City Striders are described below, but many other groups exist.  New groups desiring to be listed here should send information to the e-mail address.   Our motto is "Come Run With Us" and newcomers are always welcome.  Membership in the Striders is not required.

Benefits of group runs:

The Monday/Wednesday/Saturday Group:

One group of Striders meets year round, rain or shine, in daylight or after dark in winter, at 6 PM Monday and Wednesday.  The meeting place is the parking lot behind the Ramada Inn on Franklin Road next to Wiley Drive (just south of the Roanoke River).  After some parking lot socializing and information exchange (race entry forms, etc.), the group takes off together for a run.  Typically the group stays together for the first mile and a half, then different groups take different routes or run at different paces.  The average pace on these runs is 8:45 to 9:00 per mile, although some do run somewhat faster after the initial portion, and some run slower.  Distances available range from 2.6 miles to longer runs of 4.5, 6, 7, 8, or 10 miles, with several distances being represented on any given evening.  The tone is supportive and social, not competitive.  About 30 different people run with this group off and on, with any one evening being 5 to 20 runners.  A subset of this group also runs on Saturday mornings, at 8 AM in winter (7 or 8 AM in summer), usually for a longer run.  The Saturday meeting location and time varies.  For more information on this group, please contact Dan Wright at 345-4277, or Barry Brewer at 772-2782. Please call in advance to confirm the current group schedule.

The Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday Group:

Another group of Striders meets Tuesday and Thursday.  The focus of this group is more speed oriented, with faster paced interval training or pick ups, either on the road or on the track.  The group meets at the Ramada Inn (see above) at 5:30 PM in the winter months, and moves to the Patrick Henry High School track in the summer.  This group also meets Saturday mornings in the winter months at 7:30 AM at the Roanoke College cross country course.  The summer meeting site for this group on Saturday mornings is the Roanoke College gym parking lot at 7:30 AM.  The Saturday group might do the following workout:  Two mile warmup, then 8 x 1 mile fast (pace depends on the runners - the faster group does 6:00 to 6:45 per mile), followed by a two mile cool down.Follow this link for instructions on finding that location (the YMCA parking lot is the meeting place).  Not all runners in this group do all of the speed work, and not everyone runs at the same pace.  For more information, contact Gary Adkins at 387-1874. Please call in advance to confirm the current group schedule.

The Sunday Morning Group:

A group of Striders meets at 8 AM on Sunday morning in winter months (7 AM in the summer) at the Roanoke Athletic Club on Starkey Road (just south of 419).  They run "out and back" on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a total of between 6 and 12 miles.  The pace is approximately 7:45 to 8:30 per mile.  The contact person is Gary Adkins at 387-1874Please call in advance to confirm the current group schedule.

The Arthritis Foundation "Joints in Motion" Program:

There are nearly 43 million Americans with arthritis, which includes more than 100 different arthritis-related health conditions.  Some runners and walkers in our area participate in the "Joints in Motion" program with the Arthritis Foundation.  This program benefits both the participants and the Arthritis Foundation.  Participants gain an organized training program targetted toward completion of a marathon after a period of months of training, in return for significant fund raising.  For more information, contact Dan Wright at 981-2449 or visit the Arthritis Foundation's official "Joints in Motion" web site.

The Leukemia Society of America "Team in Training" Program:

Some runners and walkers in our area participate in the "Team in Training" program with the Leukemia Society.  This program benefits both the participants and the Leukemia Society.  Participants gain an organized training program targetted toward completion of a marathon after a period of months of training.  Coaching is provided, as are group training runs, team apparel, marathon entry fee, and travel expenses to the race event.  Participants are educated on the disease of leukemia (96,000 new cases each year in the United States), and are paired with a specific "patient partner" who has leukemia.  To receive the various benefits described, participants commit to significant fund raising goals, which vary according to the target marathon event selected.  Extensive fund raising assistance is provided by the Leukemia Society.  Participants also provide public health education and awareness through their activities.

Recent target marathons for the Roanoke Area Team in Training have included the Rock n Roll Marathon in San Diego, CA, the Dublin Marathon in Ireland, the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, DC, among others.  Sign ups for the Team are available on a continuing basis, with an expanding list of future events available.  For more information, visit the Leukemia Society of America's official "Team in Training" web site.

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