Where to Run in the Roanoke Valley
(Course info provided by Dan Worthing, and Kyle Inman)
Carvin's Cove Trails (NE of Roanoke)

Map of Carvin's Cove Run
Multiple possible runs: A huge nest of trails, some suitable for running, others suitable for hiking or mountain biking. The map shown here is a portion of a full sheet (front and back) map available at the East Coasters Bicycle Shop, designed for mountain bikers. The directions below deal only with one suggested run. Not all trails have been tried. The "Carvin's Trail" is very suitable for running, while the "Wateredge Trail" is not suitable. Beyond that, you are on your own! Carvin's Trail is rolling (not flat!), but with no net change in elevation.

Features: Real nature trails - NO traffic noise! A nice change of pace. Many side trails to explore, if you're interested. Restrooms and water are available, as are snacks and boat rentals.

Safety: This area is pretty isolated. Run with a buddy. Not a night run. In summer, a cap is recommended, to keep deer flies out of your hair. In a recent six mile run, I killed two flies and brushed away several more. Watch your footing. Even the best trail has rough spots, protruding rocks and roots.

Directions: From I-81 North, take exit 146. Follow the road (Plantation Road) south, to the traffic light. Turn left onto route 11. Go 0.6 miles past the entrance to Hollins College, then turn left onto Reservoir Road. Note that a mini-mart (Creekside Market) is on the right side of route 11 at the place where you turn left. Follow Reservoir Road 2.5 miles to the main parking area at the boat landing.

The main trail ("Carvin's Trail" on the map) begins in the picnic area, just to the right of the boat landing. It starts at a gate just past the bathrooms in the picnic area. It is a jeep road, mostly packed cinders, washed out somewhat in a few places. The jeep road is 5+ miles long, making this a good trail for out and back runs of various lengths. Stay on the main trail. In the first three miles there are two "Y" branches, and you stay to the right both times. The first "Y" is at about 1.5 miles, at a small gravel pit. The second "Y" is at about 2 miles, and I think the left branch goes to the cemetary. If you follow the main trail, you will find a three mile marker painted on a big tree on the left side of the trail. That makes a good turnaround point for a six mile roundtrip run.