Where to Run in the Roanoke Valley
Submitted by Jack Steehler
Green Hill Park (just west of Salem)
Map of Green Hill Park Run
Two runs: One a 2.4 mile loop within the park, the other 6.1 miles, starting at K-mart, running to the park, and including the park loop, then back to K-mart.

Features: Park loop is mostly cross country, including open fields, dirt road, path in woods, one fantastic view. Longer run also includes nice run along the Roanoke River.

Safety: Expect average secondary road traffic on run to park. Back end of park is usually deserted and some will not want to run alone. No lighting at all - not a night run in any way.

Directions: Longer run: Park at K-mart or Heironimus at corner of W. Main St. (460) and Mill Lane in Salem, about 1.5 miles west of downtown Salem. Exxon/Dairy Queen at same corner has bathrooms and refreshments. Head south on Mill Lane, crossing RR and river. Turn right at 4-way stop sign onto Riverside. Riverside dead-ends into Diuguid. Turn left and enter Park immediately on your right. Follow loop (below). After loop, retrace your path along Diuguid, Riverside and Mill Lane to start.

Park loop: If just doing short loop run, park in parking lots in park, run back to park entrance and continue as below. End run when you get back to your car. Portable toilets are present at the park in season, and water and restrooms are available at the ball fields in season.

From park entrance run clockwise around the big open field, staying on the left of the field. After joining the gravel road, go straight into the woods rather than following the gravel road to the right. Tire track trail goes 1/4 mile to Equestrian center (big field). Run straight through the big field there (watch for "droppings" in summer). At end of field, find car track crossing creek (twice). In wet weather, you ford the 12" deep creek, in dry weather you jump it (wet shoes likely!). Follow car track up BIG HILL, then continue around left side of upper meadow. Stop at top of hill. LOOK AROUND! GREAT VIEW! Continuing, turn left at the horse jump with lone tree at its right end. Follow trail through woods (straight down hill, then angling right). After trail, follow main park road around to left, completing the loop.