Where to Run in the Roanoke Valley
(Course info provided by Tom Johnson)
Mill Mountain Run (Roanoke City)Map of Mill Mountain Run

Multiple possible runs: A 6 mile run out and back most of the way up the mountain, or a 7.2 mile out and back all the way to the famous "Star". Water and restrooms along Wiley Dr. 1/4 mile from start/finish or at the Ramada Inn & Dynasty Restaurant. A serious workout, with two to three miles of continuous medium intensity uphill running, balanced by the return trip downhill, and nice scenery.

Features: One hill.

Safety: Expect moderate urban traffic in first mile. Be sure to yield to traffic while on main parkway roads, especially if running in groups. Not a night run.

Directions: Park behind (to right) of the Dynasty Restaurant at the Ramada Inn on Franklin Road, just south of where Franklin Road crosses the Roanoke River. The road along the river, adjoining the parking area, is Wiley Dr.

1. The run starts right there, heading right (east) on Wiley.
2. Follow Wiley to Roanoke Memorial Hospital. Pass left of the hospital, up a small hill, keeping right of the parking garage. This is Belleview Ave.
3. Turn right on Laurel, then right on Walnut. Walnut becomes the parkway drive up the mountain.
4. For the six mile run, turn around at the intersection with the spur road up to the zoo and star (the sign says "Mill Mountain Park"). Retrace your route up.
5. For the 7.2 mile run, turn right on the spur road up to the top of the mountain, circling the small loop road at the top of the mountain before heading back down the same way, retracing your route back to the start.