Where to Run in the Roanoke Valley
(Course info originally provided by Finn Pincus)
Roanoke College Cross Country Course (also Salem YMCA)
Map of Roanoke College Cross Country Course
5K Run: Start down in the first field, running the path counterclockwise, then continuing across the entrance road to the second field, which is run clockwise. Turn left into the third field at the gate in the fence line. Follow along the left side of the field until the path branches. Take the right branch, crossing the field then going up the big hill. Loop counterclockwise around the end of the third field, then follow the fenceline back to the entrance gate. Turn left, taking the shortest route through part of the second field, then turn left to head back to field one. Run field one clockwise, and finish where you started.

Longer runs are possible by combining different loops of different fields, in several combinations, with some repetition.

Features: All grass! A nice run around three different fields, on paths mown into the grass, about 5 feet wide at all times. The college and local high schools use this course for cross country meets. One challenging hill, several short rises.

Safety: Watch your footing - it is a true cross country course! Also, there are a few large gopher holes near, but not on the running paths. In summer the paths are sometimes overgrown. Not a night run.

Directions: From I-81, take exit 140, heading south into town. Turn left (east) at the first traffic light (Main St.) Go up a hill, turning right at the top just before reaching the Berglund Ford dealership. I believe the road is called Lynchburg Turnpike. Follow the road a short distance, bearing left at a fork in the road. Turn right into the first driveway after the fork, which is the entrance to the Salem YMCA and Roanoke College's "South Campus" - also known as "Elizabeth Campus". Go right onto the circle road (which is one-way), then immediately left up the hill to the parking lot next to the YMCA. The YMCA has showers, locker rooms, and a pool (for members!).