Where to Run in the Roanoke Valley
(Course information provided by Tom Johnson and Dan Wright).
Salem Avenue Run (Roanoke City)

Multiple possible runs: A 2.6 mile run looping around Wasena Park, various out and back course distances (e.g. 4 miles, or 6 miles), a shortened 6 or 7 mile loop and a full 8 mile course. Note: this run has lots of turns, but they make sense when you run it.

Features: First segment is along the Roanoke River, a nice quiet, park-like run. Most of the course is an urban course, run on sidewalks, with street crossings each block. Includes the scenic riverside running as well as the historic downtown market district. Some hills, both up (mile 2 and 3) and down (miles 5 and 6). Water and restrooms in Wasena Park (~mile 1) or at the Ramada Inn. Named after the Salem Ave. downhill!

Safety: Expect moderately heavy urban traffic. Street crossings are the main hazard - be careful! Wiley Dr. has two low water bridges that frequently flood.

Directions: Park behind (to right) of the Dynasty Restaurant at the Ramada Inn on Franklin Road, just south of where Franklin Road crosses the Roanoke River. The road adjoining the parking area is Wiley Dr., which runs along the Roanoke River.

1. The run starts right there, heading left (west) on Wiley.
2. Follow Wiley through Smith and Wasena Park. Leaving Wasena Park, turn left (looping around the park) on Winchester.
3. For the 2.6 mile run, continue straight on Winchester going under the bridge overpass. Turn left at the next intersection, heading back to the river, then turn right to follow Wiley Dr. back to the start.
4. For longer runs, turn right just before the bridge overpass, joining Main St. (the road on the bridge) after a short block. Continue on Main, heading mostly south.
5. Turn right on Sherwood. Follow Sherwood through several kinks.
6. Turn right on Grandin.
7. Turn right on Memorial when Grandin deadends. Go over the bridge.
8. Memorial becomes 13th St. after the bridge. Continue on 13th.
9. For the 6 mile loop run, turn right at Cleveland Ave, follow the street back to the Main Street bridge, turn right and cross the river on the bridge, then turn hard right back into Wasena Park.  For a 6 mile run, turn right on Winchester and follow instructions #3 above back to the start.  For the 7 mile run, turn left on Winchester, then right on Wiley Drive, circling Wasena Park clockwise, then continue back to the starting point on Wiley Drive.
10. Continuing the 8 mile run instructions:  Continue on 13th, then turn right at Patterson for one block, then left on 12th.
11. After 2 blocks on 12th, turn right on Salem Ave.
12. Just past the downtown Market Building, turn right on Market St.
13. Stay on Market St., past the downtown vendors (requires a slight jog right/left just past the Market Building to stay on Market St.).
14. Go straight onto the sidewalk path to Elmwood Park.
15. Stay left of the Amphitheater at Elmwood Park. You end up running on Williamson Rd. for about 100 yards. Turn right onto Elm Ave.
16. From Elm Ave., turn left onto Jefferson St. (another nice downhill!).
17. Right onto Reserve Ave, then left onto Franklin Rd.
18. Turn left just after crossing the small bridge over the river, and make a sharp left 270o curlicue turn to end up on Wiley Dr, headed west.
19. Go a short distance past your starting point on Wiley Drive, ending about 50 yards before the first low water bridge on Wiley. The left side of the pavement has the painted 8 mile marker. Whew!

Mile Markers (most are painted on pavement or telephone poles):
1. Early in Wasena Park, near tennis court, painted on concrete block on left.
2. On Main, at Hamilton, distinctive stone garage on corner on right.
3. On Sherwood, just before Arlington (house straight ahead), on pole at left.
4. On Memorial, on curb just before bridge.
5. On Salem, between 10th & 9th, on pole at left, before Salvation Army.
6. On Salem, at Billy's Ritz restaurant, by Market Building, on left curb.
7. On Jefferson, at 581 overpass, on sidewalk on right side.
8. On Wiley Dr. shortly before first low water bridge, on pavement at left.
Map of the Salem Avenue Run
Map key to streets:
A.    Wiley Dr. 
B.     Winchester 
C.     Main 
D.     Sherwood 
E.     Grandin 
F.     Memorial
G.     13th
H.     Patterson
I.      12th
J.     Salem
K.    Market
L.     Elm
M.    Jefferson
N.     Reserve
O.     Franklin