Where to Run in the Roanoke Valley
Course information provided by Gary Adkins
Virginia Western Community College 5K Course
Map of the VWCC Run
Introduction: The Winding Way neighborhood near VWCC is a beautiful dead end residential area so there is not much traffic. It is, however, a very hilly area. This route can be a good hill workout to add to your training. Since the miles are marked, this course, or parts of it, can also serve as a good place to do a "time trial".

Course directions: This certified 5K starts and finishes in Virginia Western's student parking lot (lot # 7) just off Colonial Avenue in Roanoke. Access Colonial Avenue from the north at the Wonju exit from I-81 (then go ½ mile south to VWCC), or from the south off 419 (then go 1 mile north to VWCC). The start, finish, 1, 2, and 3 miles are marked in red paint on the left side of the road as you run (except for the finish, which is marked on both sides with the main marking on your right). Start in the second isle of the parking lot near the second light pole towards Webber Hall if you enter the parking lot at the main entrance (McNeil Dr.). Run towards Ruxton Apartments. Turn left to exit the parking lot at traffic light (Overland Dr.), and turn left again to run up Colonial Avenue facing traffic. Turn left on Winding Way Road (just past VWCC Community Arboretum). Run past entrance to parking lot #1 and turn right on Heritage Road. Run to the end of Heritage Road, and turn right on Park Lane. Run one block, and turn right on Winding Way Road. Follow Winding Way Road back to the entrance to parking lot #1; turn left (towards Colonial Avenue). Turn right on Colonial Avenue. Run along Colonial Avenue to the traffic light at Overland Dr. where you will turn right to reenter the parking lot. Run to second isle and turn right. Proceed up the second isle past the starting line to the finish (near the second light pole from Webber Hall).

Certification: Certification means that the course is nationally recognized by USA Track and Field as being accurately measured. This course was measured and certified in 1984. All certified courses have what is referred to as "a short course prevention factor" which means that 0. 1% of the advertised length of the course has been added to the course in order to account for errors in measurement. That means 5 meters has been added to a 5K course such as this. USATF record keepers will recognize times run on this course for state and national open and age group records. USATF Certification # VA'84 001 CEG.