Where to Run in the Roanoke Valley
Submitted by Jack Steehler
Wildwood Road Loop (west side of Salem)
Map of the Wildwood Road Run
Features:   One 6.0 mile loop, on paved roads, rolling terrain, 2/3 rural.  A peaceful run circling just north of Salem, actually running around a small mountain. The first half is gently, but steadily uphill, culminating in a short steep uphill to the top of the ridge line on the back side of the loop. From there, it's all downhill, through interesting winding terrain. Great bike ride, too! For variety, try the loop backwards.

Safety: Expect light secondary road traffic on Goodwin Ave. and most of Wildwood Road. The last half mile on Wildwood Rd. and all of the section on W. Main St. are heavy traffic. Stay on the nice wide shoulder (Wildwood) or sidewalks (Main St.), being careful at intersections. The rural loop is not well lit and is not recommended after dark.

Directions: Park at K-mart or Heironimus at corner of W. Main St. (460) and Mill Lane in Salem, about 1.5 miles west of downtown Salem. Exxon/Dairy Queen at same corner has bathrooms and refreshments. Head east on W. Main St. for several blocks, turning left at McDonalds onto Goodwin Ave. Follow Goodwin, going under I-81. Goodwin deadends into Wildwood Rd, where you turn left. Follow Wildwood as it curves left all the way around the mountain. Wildwood goes under I-81 (where traffic becomes heavy) and deadends into W. Main St.. Turn left onto W. Main St. and run on the sidewalk back to K-mart/Heironimus.