Where to Run in the Roanoke Valley
Submitted by Bill Onesty from YMCA information
Downtown YMCA Run

Start at downtown YMCA (425 Church Ave. SW). Head west on Church. Turn left onto 5th St. Go to Elm, and turn right on Elm. Follow Elm and cross the Wasena Bridge. Take the first left into Wasena Park. Follow the road through the park, under I-581, to Franklin Road. Just before reaching the underpass, take the path up the hill on the right. Turn left onto Franklin Road (the path puts you on the left side of Franklin Road). Follow Franklin Road north. Turn left onto 3rd St. Follow 3rd St. to Church Ave. where you turn left and go several blocks back to the YMCA. Length ~ 3.2 miles.

Features: This run is convenient to downtown (and the YMCA). The run through Wasena Park is pleasant. Parking, refreshments and restrooms are available at many locations downtown.

Safety: This run is an urban run, on city streets. Use appropriate caution dealing with traffic and people you encounter.