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March 2002

Greetings Striders,

  Well here it is, finally! Our new website! It has the new look of our updated logo, and a new feature in the interactive bulletin board. You can still find some of the old things like the running route maps.  I hope to update the running maps in the future and add maps of our local races that will be available all the time. I will also try to keep the photo page a little more current. I look to the membership to send photos in that they would like to share with other members. I also  would like to hear from you about other things you would like to see on the site.
  This page will be the newsletter for now where you will find articles pertaining to running. We hope to have updates and stories about upcoming club events and races that are being planned. We also would like to hear from you and your experiences pertaining to running, races, training etc. Anything you think other runners would like to know about. The email list is the most important way we communicate and the only way to be on that list is to be a member of the Star City Striders. Anyone can come here and read the calendar or the newsletter material but the most important things will be sent out first to the membership through the list. We still will send out through the mail to some folks that are not on line but nearly 200 people are on our email list which I think is amazing.

Race Updates:

5 & 10k For Healthy Play; 6 April, 2002; Roanoke, VA
The folks from the Roanoke City Parks & Recreation are working hard to put on a great race this year. We will be doing the finish line and will need help if you are not running. The 5k is the Star City Half Marathon 5k course. The 10k does the 5k course then does the Smith, Wasena Park loop and back to the stadium. I hope everyone will support this race the Roanoke City Parks and Rec. has always given us a lot of help for the Half and we need to help them put on a good showing.

Vinton Baptist Dogwood Challenge; 27 April, 2002; Vinton, VA
This year will bring a new course for this race. It will start and finish closer to the Church and will be partially on the Tinker Creek Greenway. This will still be a fairly flat course and should be of the right length.

Virginia Western Community College 5000 Meter Run
This could be the last year for this race. Mainly because of a lack of funds and help Gary Adkins may make this the last year for this spring fixture.  It will be sad to lose another race but things change and time moves on. This was the first race I ever ran back in 1984. Even as tough of a course as it is it still got me hooked on running and racing. Lets all try to make it this year and have a great showing of support for Gary and all the years he has given to this race!




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